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Hotel ,Travel  , I-Travel , Airlines , Tour, Trip , Motel , Cruise , Last Minute , Online Booking , Holiday , At Travel
Hotel ,Travel  , I-Travel , Airlines , Tour, Trip , Motel , Cruise , Last Minute , Online Booking , Holiday , At Travel

Travelling from Cairo International Airport, located 23 kilometers (14 miles) northeast of the city, to downtown will take about 35 minutes. Taxis and limousines are the two easiest transport options to get to the city center. Registered Cairo taxis are painted black and either yellow or white. Many taxis don�t use meters, so you should negotiate a fare with the cab driver before setting off. A price of around 45 Egyptian pounds is considered reasonable. For about 20 to 30 pounds more, you may opt to hire a limousine, usually a Mercedes Benz sedan.

Working Hours at Egypt

For governmental jobs from 8:30 AM  to 2:00 PM                                    

Private Sector jobs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Fridays & Saturdays  week end

Credit Cards

Many major shopping centers have ATMs, and most shops and establishments in Cairo accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa. If you plan to go shopping in one of the town bazaars, paying in cash will help you get a better bargain.


Egypt�s currency is the Egyptian pound. One pound is made up of 100 piastres. Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 piastres,


Cairo has an arid desert climate, where the days are hot but the nights are relatively cool. Sandstorms are frequent in April and May. Humidity levels tend to rise come August. Winters in Egypt are great, especially in the months of February and March. The weather at this time is mild, with occasional rainfall0.


Cairo�s predominant religion is Islam, so people dress conservatively, trying to cover as much of their skin as possible. In practice, that also means no tight-fitting clothes that reveal the contours of the body. While visitors are not expected to follow strictly local dress codes, executives who will mix some tourism along with business are advised to do so when visiting religious sites. When packing, it is advisable to bring along loose, comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton. Those garments will help you keep cool in Egypt�s hot desert climate. Women should leave their miniskirts at home.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Wall plugs are the two-pronged European type.


Republic divided into 26 administrative regions


Egypt, with a total land area of 1 million square kilometers, is found on the northeast corner of Africa. The Mediterranean Sea is to its north; Sudan to its south; Libya to its west, and Israel and the Red Sea to its east. The River Nile runs right in the middle of Egypt, and nine out of every 10 Egyptians live along the Nile Valley and the Delta. The city of Cairo has an area of approximately 453 sq. km.

Health Risks

Tourists have been the victims of terrorist acts by extremists in recent years, though attacks have abated in recent years as the Egyptian government stepped up security efforts to safeguard the vital tourist industry. Sunburn and dehydration are the most common problems experienced by visitors to Egypt. Remember to apply sunblock with high SPF, and to keep your fluid intake high. Traveller�s diarrhea is another major health problem, mostly due to contaminated water. You should drink only bottled water or water that has been boiled for at least 20 minutes. Avoid eating raw vegetables, and taking drinks with ice in them. But it is best to be prepared by bring along some antidiarrhea tablets with you. Be on extra guard for pickpockets in tourist areas.

Egypt Public Holidays 2012

Jan 7    Christmas according to Coptic Church
Jan 25 ,25 Jan Revolution Day & Police Day
Feb 05  Prophet Mohamed�s Birthday
Apr 25  Sinai Liberation Day
Apr 16  Sham el-Nassim (Coptic Easter)
May 01 Labour Day
Jul 23   Revolution Day
Aug 19 Bairam Feast (Eid El-Fitr)
Oct 06  Armed Forces Day
Oct 26  Eid El-Adha ( Sacrifice Feast )
Nov 15  Islamic New Year


Arabic is the official language. English is widely understood and spoken too . 


Egypt: 85 million
Ethnic Groups:
Egyptians, Berbers, Bedouin, Hamitic Arabs and Nubians


93% Muslim, 7% Christian


Porters, doormen, and cabbies expect tips, or �baksheesh�, for services rendered. Small tips in amounts of 50 piastres to 1 Egyptian pound are adequate. When tipping in restaurants, the usual practice is to give 10% of the bill before taxes, since the bill will be inflated by a 12% service charge plus a 7% government tax

Time Zone

GMT +2, same as Jerusalem, Istanbul and Helsinki. GMT+3 from April 28 to Sept. 29 (Daylight saving time)

Emergency Numbers

Country  Code: +2
Ambulance: 123
Fire Brigade: 125
Police: 122 


All visitors are required to have a visa and a valid passport that�s not due to expire within six months. Citizens of Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen are exempted from the visa requirement. Nationals of European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. can obtain entry visas upon arrival in Egypt. You can expect to pay around US$ 30 for your visa, which will remain valid for three months. Visa extensions can be obtained.

Hotel ,Travel  , I-Travel , Airlines , Tour, Trip , Motel , Cruise , Last Minute , Online Booking , Holiday , At Travel
Hotel ,Travel  , I-Travel , Airlines , Tour, Trip , Motel , Cruise , Last Minute , Online Booking , Holiday , At Travel